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Article (33) of the Permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar imposes the State to work for the protection of the environment and its natural balance in order to achieve the comprehensive and sustainable development for present and future generations. It is absolutely commensurate with Qatar's development vision 2030, the first national development strategy, which has included the work plan for the period from 2011 to 2016 and a number of programs and projects that include complete conjunction between the economic development growth and the protection of environment and natural resources, in order to achieve maximum level of aimed progress and life quality not restricted with different kinds of defects and shortages.

From this context, our vision is to protect our environment, keep and develop our resources in order to reach a sustainable development. The Ministry of Environment is a government organization that strives for the protection of the Qatari environment, development and sustainability of  living and non-living natural resources, guaranteeing the environmental quality and health by making environmental awareness and suggestions of the environmental legislations, policies and construction of national potential as per the principles of the social partnership and sustainable development with best international standards and practices, in order  to achieve the organizational excellence locally as well as the international leadership of the State of Qatar in the environmental field.

The Ministry believes that the achievement of its message and vision will not be realized except through its engagement with all the factors and categories of the society, whether government or private organizations, individuals or parties in all the programs and plans, based on the fact that the responsibility for keeping the environment is a joint responsibility. So, every native and expatriate on this good land is responsible and liable to protect his environment. Therefore, we do encourage the spirit of initiative and working to create an environmental awareness and to develop and employ all the national potentials, by utilizing all techniques and possibilities available in the country, in order to achieve the best environmental practices. Understanding this responsibility will help to achieve the leadership aimed by the State of Qatar in the environmental field, locally, regionally and internationally, especially when our environment is affected by regional and international surroundings. So, keeping the international environment has become a joint concern, under global warming which has left its dangerous impacts on all the international environments. It requires from us a joint effort, that, what is done by the State in hosting and preparing for the international environment activities and understanding its responsibility in this regard. We, at the Ministry of Environment, invite all the organizations and individuals to work together to achieve the objectives of protecting our environment considering it as our joint responsibility.