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Qatari Students Delegation Participates in 6th Youth Environmental Forum in Manamah
     A group of Qatari students from secondary schools participates in the 6th Youth Environmental Forum of GCC. The forum is organized by Bahrain with coordination of General Secretary of GCC during the period of 29th June- 7th July 2012.
     Officials from the Ministry of Environment met –at the Ministry’s headquarters-  with the students and Mr. Ghanem Abdulrrahman Al-Kuwari, the Supervisor Teacher who is accompanying them to the Forum. They had been urged to properly represent Qatar, because the Forum is conducted in response to the directions of Their Highness Leaders of GCC to raise the social awareness of environmental issues, preserve the environment, and embed the sense of individual and group responsibility.
     The Forum aims to strengthen bonds of brotherhood and friendship among youngsters in GCC, inform participants with environmental issues concerning these countries, and train them on some practical activities that develop their skills, refine their talents, and implement the spirit of team work. Students will attend many educational and awareness lectures, and visit many environmental, heritage, and tourism locations in Bahrain. The Forum also includes entertaining and sport competitions.
     Students who represent Qatar are: Ahmad Abdullrahman, Mohammad Abdullrahman Al-Moftah, Abdullrahman Hassan Atif Al-Yafyai, Abdullah Mohammad Ahmad Al-Molla, Abdullah Jomaa Eid Al-Kuwari, Salman Ibrahim Khalfan Omran Al-Kuwari.
     Doha had hosted the 4th Forum during the period of 3rd-9th July 2010. The Forum was attended by 40 youngsters from GCC and members of the Environmental Awareness Committee of the General Secretary.