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Ministry of Municipality & Environment (MME) is a service Ministry directly related to the general public, in order to meet the many requirements of their daily life, and contribute through its subsidiary departments, municipalities and centers, to the rapid development of the State of Qatar. This is in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, that aims to place the country among the developed countries, based on the pillars of human development, economic, social and environmental development. The Ministry is vested with the areas of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, and responsible for the following aspects:

- Preparation of urban plans at the State level, and Supervising its implementation in coordination with the concerned authorities.
- Land surveying and subdivisions.
- Preparation of cadastral maps of the State of Qatar.
- Management of State properties.
- Provision & Allocation of lands for the needs of government authorities.
- Reviewing the recommendations of the Central Municipal Council and taking relevant adequate decisions.
- Land expropriation & temporary Land Acquisition for the public interest.
- Suggestion and implementation of municipal projects including buildings, gardens, parks and landscaping plantations, besides monitoring buildings construction and buildings control.
- Preparation and implementation of systems and programs for public cleansing, and
- Supervising the practice of engineering professions, and the cemeteries, and providing honoring tributes to the deceased.

    In the areas of environmental affairs, the Ministry is tasked with a number of objectives, in the forefront of which, is the following:
    - Environmental Protection and maintaining the natural balance through a comprehensive and sustainable development for the benefit of future generations, which is achieved through the development of wildlife and preparation of laws and appropriate solutions for all environmental issues and follow up its implementation.
    - Training the Qatari cadres on how to make the environmental protection a reality, as well as fostering attention to environmental awareness.
    - Coordinating the efforts of all government bodies and non-government organizations to protect the environment and cooperate with the countries of the region and internationally, through ratification of environmental conventions and protocols.

The Ministry is working under the guidance of His Excellency the Minister of Municipality & Environment, on the dissemination of providing electronic services to the public, in a bid to eliminate the paperwork, which will be replaced by the e-government portal of the State of Qatar.

The First establishment of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in the State of Qatar was in 1972, under Decree by Law No. (24), which has defined the responsibilities of the Ministry and its affiliate Departments.

Thereafter, these responsibilities had been amended in 1990, following the cancellation of the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture, and the addition of the agricultural affairs to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, thence re-named the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture (at a time).

Later on, these responsibilities were subsequently modified following the merger of the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture under the Decree by Law No. (20) of 1993, on the organization of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture and defining its responsibilities. The Public Works responsibilities has also been added to the responsibilities of this Ministry.

In 2004, Law No. (1) on the establishment of the Public Works Authority, followed by the Law No. 15 of 2004 on the establishment of the Urban Planning & Development Authority, and thus the responsibilities of the Ministry has been limited to the municipal and agricultural affairs. The Ministry had been re-organized and the its responsibilities defined under the Law No. (23) of 2005.

On 05/04/2009, the Emiri Decision No. (16) of 2009 , on the specification of the functions of the Ministries, including the authorities of the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, has been issued.

On 27/01/2016, the Emiri Decision No. (5) of 2016, on the Organization Chart for the Ministry of Municipality & Environment, has been issued.